Barnett’s Valley Controller Prevents Water Overflow on Roof Valleys

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  • craig selby

    Will this system work with a Gutter Pro type of gutter?

  • Barnett’s Valley Controller will work on any K-style gutter that is 5″ or 6″. K-style gutters are the most common type of gutter. If you have an existing gutter guard in place, you’ll need to remove a portion of the gutter guard in the area where you want to install this system.

  • TerryO

    Wow! I had (HAD) 4 really problematic valleys on my house until last weekend. I have a heavily wooded lot with ton’s of maple debris. after a few conversations with Lynn, I took the plunge and so far could not be happier with the results!! We have, since I installed them, had several rain storms and there I am outside in my rain jacket watching to see if these things reall work. They work wonderfully!