Why Icicles Hanging from your Gutter Guards is Good, Really


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  • Roof Master

    A very common sign which we thought is a bad sign is the icicles. But its a good sign that you have a well intact and working well gutter guard.. Imagine all this frozen waters frozen on your gutters? how heavy that was for the gutter. It can give up any moment and its a disaster when it hits during winter or fall. So you need to have a strong and secured gutter guard. Being a roof master here is the best gutter guard I have ever used. Visit this site here http://guttergloveguards.com/ , thanks

  • Lenny Estrin

    These is good information on gutter guards and it will help many people when they are looking for gutter guards.

  • Joel

    I have a gutter guard system on my house. This is the first winter, and we have a TON of icicles. Apparently this is a known issue that gutter system companies hide in the fine print of their contracts. Which seems extremely deceptive. I think it looks awful, is dangerous, detracts away from curb appeal, and decreases property value because it appears that I don’t insulate my house. Weather Tight is the company that did ours and I would like to warn all prospective gutter system buyers about this issue.

  • A1 Gutter Pro

    Some types of gutter guards could actually influence an ice dam. Imagine any gutter guard that is installed under the first or second row of shingles – snow and ice could build up on the guards and work it’s way under the shingles a bit easier than if the guards where never there. Especially any gutter guard that is installed improperly and pushes the shingles up at the roof edge. https://www.a1gutterpro.com